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This page is about helping you and your company understand our engagement process and views on best practice sustainability reporting. If you are looking for information on how Schroders engages with companies it invests in, you can read more here.

As an investor in your company’s debt or equity you may have received questions from our investors about your sustainability strategy, data, governance practices or approach to stakeholders. Like many companies navigating today’s new and evolving risks, there is a lot of uncertainty about what investors are looking for and it may not be clear how the information you provide is used.

Whether you have an established corporate responsibility strategy already, or whether you are taking the first steps to report on your efforts, we are keen to support companies developing a robust corporate sustainability strategy and promote transparency.

How can Schroders help with your corporate sustainability strategy?

  • Help answer the most frequent questions we receive from companies, especially which ESG data sources we use

  • Explain our approach to sustainability including how we use ESG information and how it fits in to our investment process

  • Sharing our views on best practice sustainability reporting

  • Sharing our contact details so we can support you in ESG materiality assessments, discuss emerging trends and respond to remuneration consultations

ESG policy: Integration and governance best practices

Our policies provide information about how we integrate ESG within our investment process, our approach to company engagement and outlines our views on corporate governance best practice globally.

Our reporting expectations

The pressure to report on sustainability-related topics is constantly growing.

To help you respond to these surveys, questionnaires and benchmarks, read our reporting guidance for emerging themes:

Voting practices

We vote on all company resolutions.

Whilst we do use third parties, including International Shareholder Services (ISS) to provide research and support us in exercising our client’s voting rights, we do review companies’ governance practices on a case by case basis and the voting decision is ultimately made by the team at Schroders.

Where possible, we aim to engage with companies ahead of their AGM. For those that we are unable to engage with, we will be transparent on why we have been unable to support management.

Read our voting reports

If you have any queries please contact: SIMProxyVoting@schroders.com.

Why we request ESG information

We are able to source sustainability data from a range of external sources (i.e. rating agencies such as MSCI and detailed survey responses such as CDP – formerly Carbon Disclosure Project).

However, no one knows their data better than your company. We therefore gather additional information directly from you to feed into our proprietary research tools Context, SustainEx and climate tools.

Research and insights

From climate change and modern slavery to water scarcity and circular economies, our sustainable investment team constantly researches emerging trends so that you can stay ahead of the constantly changing world.

Contact us

Regardless of your company size, or our current holding, our team are available to provide feedback on materiality assessments, new sustainability strategies or reporting, or responding to consultations on new governance practices or share views on emerging best practice.

For sustainability please contact our team: activeownership@schroders.com

For corporate governance queries contact our team: corporategovernance@schroders.com

Active Ownership

We seek to actively influence corporate behaviour to ensure the companies we invest in are managed in a sustainable way


We use our voice to make sure these changes are happening

Informasi penting

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