Global Climate Change

The future is already here – begin your climate change investment journey today.

Schroder ISF Global Climate Change Equity

The impact of global warming on the economy and companies will be far reaching and profound. We believe that companies that recognise the threats and embrace the challenges early, or that form part of the solution to the problems linked to climate change, will ultimately outperform the broader market.

Schroder ISF Global Climate Change Equity is an actively managed, thematic fund capturing opportunities around the world by investing in companies we believe will be positively impacted by efforts to transition to a low carbon economy.

Key highlights

Looking beyond the obvious

We're not your typical climate change fund. Climate change is going to impact every company, so we look for opportunities across a global and diverse opportunity set rather than limit ourselves to particular sectors. This way we are able to construct for you a well-diversified portfolio of different companies across sectors, all linked to climate change. We do, however, exclude companies which generate significant revenues from fossil fuels.

Diving deeper

We don’t believe in relying solely on traditional measures like carbon footprint. We use proprietary tools and analysis to build a more detailed and accurate picture of how companies and industries will evolve and adapt. We’re looking for how climate change will affect revenue, margins, running costs, valuations and the impact on the entire value chain. This gives us the best opportunity to pick those companies that will flourish as part of a low-carbon economy and, ultimately, potentially deliver better returns for you.

A team of climate change specialists

Climate change investing is complex but we do the hard work for you through our large team of experienced professionals. Our team has investment experience in sectors like technology, energy, utilities, materials and automotive – exactly the ones set to be affected by climate change. We also have a dedicated sustainability team who understand the science of climate change and how it links to economic trends as well as data scientists to provide us with unique insights that others may not be able to spot.

We've been doing this a long time

Climate change investing is not something we’ve recently jumped into. Schroder ISF Global Climate Change Equity has been successfully running since 2007 and was among the first in its field. Over this time, our philosophy and method haven’t wavered.

Risk Considerations

  • The capital is not guaranteed.
  • Investments denominated in a currency other than that of the share-class may not be hedged. The market movements between those currencies will impact the share-class.
  • The fund will not hedge its market risk in a down cycle. The value of the fund will move similarly to the markets.
  • Changes in China's political, legal, economic or tax policies could cause losses or higher costs for the fund.

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