Global Credit Forum 2021

21 January 2021

The online event brings together our global platform of credit expertise, with speakers from across Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and the UK, sharing their insights on the asset class as well as a look behind the scenes at what portfolio managers and analysts assess when constructing investment strategies.

The first panel unpicks the developing trends to look out for in investment grade and High Yield credit as well as the large question of debts and deficits and what lies ahead for investors.

The 3 breakout sessions cover the influence of technicals and why they can’t be ignored, the importance of being forward-looking in credit research and why ESG in credit is so much more than just marketing!

Main Platform

Karine Szenberg, Head of EMEA and Jonathan Harris, Investment Director host the

  • Why the credit market ain’t what it used to be

Our experts unpick the developing trends to look out for in investment grade and High Yield credit.

Panel: Martha Metcalf, Head of US Credit Strategies, Hugo Squire, Portfolio Manager and Rajeev Shah, Credit Strategist

Moderator: Jonathan Harris, Investment Director

  • Debt & deficits ‒ should we be worried?

Our speakers unravel the question of debts and deficits and how to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Panel: Julien Houdain, Deputy Head of Credit Europe, Angus Hui, Head of Asian and EM Credit and Piya Sachdeva, Economist

Moderator: Roy Diao, Head of Asian Fixed Income

Breakout Sessions

ESG in credit is just marketing, right?

Presented by:

Andy Howard, Head of Sustainable Investment

Saida Eggerstedt, Head of Sustainable Credit

Pat McCullagh, Head of European Credit Research

Peng Fong Ng, Portfolio Manager

Hannah Simons, Head of Sustainable Strategy

More than macro: the importance of technicals

Presented by:

Mike Davis, Portfolio Manager

Edward Young, Portfolio Manager

Rajeev Shah, Credit Strategist

Sriram Reddy, Investment Director

More than macro: themes in credit research

Presented by:

Patrick Vogel, Head of Credit Europe

David Knutson, Head of Integrated Research

Raymond Chia, Head of Credit Research Asia

Jonathan Harris, Investment Director


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