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Simon Webber


Portfolio Manager

Simon joined Schroders in 1999 as an analyst on the Global Technology and US teams, before becoming a Global Sector Specialist for the consumer discretionary and telecom sectors. Currently, he is also a portfolio manager on the Global Equity team.

In 2006, Simon began to develop the philosophy and investment universe behind the Schroder Global Climate Change strategy, and has co-managed the fund since launch. With Simon's experience in technology, utilities and the consumer sectors, he is ideally positioned to assess the relative strengths of the various new climate change technologies, and how the consumer is likely to respond to rapidly increasing awareness of climate change.

What are you doing personally to help combat climate change?

I’m lucky enough to own a few acres of land where I live in Suffolk County just outside London and we are steadily working to reforest this land with native trees. A mature tree can store approximately 1-2 tonnes of carbon in its’ branch and root system. As trees photosynthesise they combine carbon dioxide (CO2), from the atmosphere with water and nutrients from the ground to form carbohydrates which make up the tree’s biomass. Through this process a one tonne carbon tree therefore locks up around 3.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by the time it reaches maturity. So reforesting even a small area of land can have a real impact relative to the CO2 emissions of the average EU (6.4 tonnes per year) or American (16.5 tonnes per year) citizen.


Andy Howard


Climate Change Specialist

Andrew joined Schroders in 2016 from Didas Research, an independent research company he founded focused on long-term equity investments. He is responsible for thought leadership, ESG integration and engagement, in addition to his role as a climate change specialist for Schroders’ Global Climate Change strategy. Prior to joining Schroders, he spent six years at Goldman Sachs as Managing Director and Head of GS SUSTAIN Research. He also previously worked at McKinsey & Co as a consultant and Deutsche Bank as Head of European Mining Research.

Andrew started his investment career in 1997 as an Analyst covering the Steel and Mining sectors at Dresdner Kleinwort Benson. Andrew is a Senior Advisor to Critical Resource and on the Advisory Panel of the Future-Fit Business initiative.

What are you doing personally to help combat climate change?

The more time I have spent looking at climate change, the more scared I become for the future. The world is in danger of sleepwalking off a cliff. Earlier in my career I worked with a non-profit organisation focusing on lobbying politicians to take action. Clearly, progress is slow but I continue to support Global Witness and their climate initiatives, along with several other organisations working in the same field, whose work is vital to the climate action machine. I also recruit my family to climate marches and demonstrations, adding another voice to the call for action. I have invested in wind farms in the UK and switched to an electric car a couple of years ago. As scary as the future is, it is still in our hands. Firm political leadership is vital and I believe that one of the most important things we can do is to push our leaders to take action, one voice at a time.

Dan McFetrich


Global Sector Specialist

Dan joined the Global and International Equities team as the Global Sector Specialist for the industrials sector in April 2015. He joined us from Fidelity Worldwide Investment where he worked from 2008 as a senior industrials analyst covering both industrials and chemicals stocks.

Prior to this, he worked at Dresdner Kleinwort where he covered the food retail sector from 2004. From 2001 he worked at Nomura Asset Management as a research analyst covering European consumer goods.

His career commenced in 1996 when he joined Arthur Anderson as a corporate tax consultant. Dan is a CFA charterholder and a chartered accountant (ACA). He also holds an M.A. in Economics from Cambridge University.

What are you doing personally to help combat climate change?

I have decided to change my method of commuting to a less carbon intensive version. Instead of driving to the station and then getting the tube across London, I cycle to and from my local railway station, and run across London. Apart from making me healthier, it is one of the simplest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Bikes release less than 1/10th of the CO2 released per km per capita travelled than a car, and nearly a 1/7th of the level of CO2 released by a bus. It is also much less carbon intensive to make a bike than a car. This all presents a very clear picture that commuting by bike is a great way of reducing an individual’s carbon footprint.


Isabella Hervey-Bathurst


Portfolio Manager/Global Sector Specialist

Isabella joined Schroders in 2014 as a graduate on the Global and International Equities team. She provides research support for the Global Climate Change strategy. Prior to joining Schroders, she worked as an investment associate at Ruffer. In this role, she worked closely with a senior fund manager looking after pension fund and charity client portfolios.

Isabella has a M.A. from Cambridge and an MSc in International Political Economy from The London School of Economics. She has completed the IMC and is a CFA charterholder.

What are you doing personally to help combat climate change?

I’ve switched to a more plant-based diet. Production of animal-based foods has a much greater carbon footprint per ton of protein produced than production of plant-based foods. Livestock farming accounts for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions and unless the current trend for increased livestock production and consumption is significantly decreased, agriculture will use up the whole world’s carbon “budget” by 2050. The sheer scale of the Climate challenge can sometimes make us feel that there is nothing we can do about it on a personal level. It is certainly true that a lot of the heavy-lifting on climate change has to be done by governments and companies. But as consumers, we can also have a powerful impact through our choices.


Yashica Reddy


Associate Investment Director

Yashica joined Schroders as a graduate in 2011. She is an Associate Investment Director on the Global and International Equity team. In her role she represents the team’s ESG and thematic investment capabilities to clients and prospective clients. Prior to this Yashica was a Product Executive on the Global and International Equity team.

Yashica has an MSc in International Management from Kings College London and a BSc in Business Studies from Liverpool University. She has completed the IMC and passed Level I of the CFA Program.

What are you doing personally to help combat climate change?

I spent a few weeks this year in the Amazon rainforest supporting the conservation research and sustainable community development projects in Peru. South America’s Amazon is home to 1.4 billion acres of dense forests - half of the planet's remaining tropical forests, 4,100 miles of winding rivers and one in ten known species on Earth. There is a clear link between the health of the Amazon and the health of the planet. The rainforests, contain 90-140 billion metric tons of carbon and help stabilise local and global climate. Currently, land conversion and deforestation in the Amazon release up to 0.5 billion metric tons of carbon per year, not including emissions from forest fires. While I take one small step, it is my view that every little helps as I walk in the footsteps of my predecessors who have collectively contributed to planting over 19,000 trees, converting 17 hectares of abandoned land into agroforestry plots and working on projects to commercialise carbon credits in Peru.


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