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09FÉVR. 2021
6:00 - CET

Why the Brexit deal creates opportunity in the UK real estate market

We would be delighted if you could join us for this webinar on the outlook and opportunity in the UK real estate market created by the UK’s new deal with the EU.

The presenters will be Nick Montgomery, Head of UK Investment for Schroder Real Estate, and Mark Callender, Head of Real Estate Research. We will provide an update on the UK market outlook in the context of the recent Brexit deal and the rapid roll out of vaccines in the UK. The Brexit deal has reduced the currency risk of investing in the UK and the UK is now forecast to be one of the fastest growing European economies over the next five years. We will highlight where we see value in the market, including both the main commercial sectors and specialist types such as hotels, self-storage and social supported housing.

You will be able to submit questions live to the presenters throughout the session.


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28JANV. 2021
9:30 - CET

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