Investment Grade Securitized

Investment Objective

The strategy seeks to outperform the Bloomberg Barclays US Securitized Index by plus 50-80 basis points (gross of fees) over a market cycle.

There is no guarantee that any investment objective can be achieved.


Schroder Investment Grade Securitized Strategy uses a research based approach seeking to generate return by investing primarily in investment grade residential mortgage-backed securities, commercial mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and asset-backed securities (ABS). The strategy uses a broad range of sectors in seeking to create an income advantage, a convexity advantage, or to benefit from a pricing dislocation.

The strategy invests in investment grade Securitized and ABS, including those that are guaranteed by the US GSEs, and those that are not guaranteed. The team can invest a substantial portion of the portfolio outside of the benchmark into sectors where the team has identified a relative value opportunity. The strategy is managed with similar duration to the Barclays US Securitized Index.

Management Team

The strategy is managed by a lead portfolio manager, Michelle Russell-Dowe and supported by a team of 15, including portfolio managers and analysts.