Our Solutions & Fixed Income Partnership

Schroders’ Portfolio Solutions and Fixed Income teams work in partnership to deliver client-centric LDI solutions that run the gamut of size and complexity. We are the only manager who combines a 30 year track record managing long duration bond portfolios, over $55 billion in bespoke global LDI mandates, and a US LDI business that is poised to grow well beyond its modest $6Bn in assets. Our size advantage supports alpha creation in credit, and our seasoned and well-resourced LDI partnership supports the customized delivery of this value to plans of all sizes and sophistication.

US Portfolio Solutions draws on a broader global solutions team of 55 professionals managing nearly $127 billion in liability-driven and growth risk management solutions for non-US clients.

Portfolio Solutions
Seth Finkelstein Head of US Portfolio Solutions
Max Guimond Growth risk management/hedging
Fixed Income
Lisa Hornby Head of US Multi-Sector
Multi-Sector PMs Team-manage long duration portfolios
Jeff Connor LDI strategy and liability analysis
Eric Lau Portfolio construction
David Knutson Credit research
Julie Mandell Investment Director


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