North America
Client Symposium–Event 2

The second event of our virtual North America Client Symposium took place on November 10, 2020. You will find copies of the presentations as well as relevant insights below.


Through the CIO Lens
by Johanna Kyrklund

Value: Neglected, not broken
by David Philpotts

Harnessing EM opportunity from the bottom up
by Tom Wilson

Are we in a permanent (fixed income) bizarro world?
by Andy Chorlton &
Lisa Hornby

Thought Leadership:

Value: Neglected, not broken

US Fixed Income: Best house in the worst neighborhood?

Six charts that make the case for international equities and value

Our multi-asset investment views - October 2020

Johanna Kyrklund: Trump or Biden – should investors really care?

What would be the environmental and social impact of a Biden presidency?

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