Schroders Artemis Conference Series 2021

Event 1: April 21, 2021

Event 2: May 27, 2021

During our Schroders Artemis Conference Series we will be bringing you live streamed presentations on subjects that we believe matter most to you as unprecedented global change accelerates.

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April 21

Join us at 1:00pm (All times are in ET) 

1:00pm        Welcome 

1:00pm        Lisa Hornby, Head of US Multi-Sector Fixed Income

It’s been nearly 40 years to the day since the start of the last great bond bull market, when yields hovered around 20%. Fittingly, we chose a session header with song titles that hit the airwaves around that same time. Not surprisingly, the current environment has many fixed income investors asking these very questions. Lisa Hornby will give her perspective on today’s markets, her views on why fixed income markets will remain well supported and how investors can best position themselves for a smooth US fixed income “Journey.”

1:20pm        Michelle Russell-Dowe, Head of Securitized Credit

Often referred to as niche, asset-financing in public and private markets is responsible for bringing capital to a majority of the consumer finance and real estate related receivables, including homes, cars and apartments. Even as the $15 trillion segment has grown, many investors are still unaware of the favorable characteristics the securities and debt can offer within investment portfolio. Never more critical, this sector offering low rate sensitivity, less idiosyncratic risk, and lower correlation provides a real solution to the investment challenges today. Offering returns across a broad continuum of investment profiles, asset-based finance is a very good alternative in light of the challenges facing investors today. Hear why Michelle Russell-Dowe believes this prolific asset class deserves stand-alone recognition, and may be the perfect diversifier as interest-rate risk appears to be on the rise.

1:40pm        Saida Eggerstedt, Head of Sustainable Credit 

Once a niche asset class, “ESG” bonds are beginning gain the attention of all walks of investors. But this asset class is much more heterogeneous than the now-ubiquitous “green bonds.” Hear from Saida Eggerstedt as she provides a comprehensive, future-forward glimpse into the world of alternative ESG fixed income, including Carbon Neural bonds, Social bonds, and sustainability-linked fixed income. You may be surprised what these instruments have to offer.

2:00pm        Closing remarks


May 27

Join us at 11:00am (All times are in ET) 

11:00am      Welcome 

11:00am      Katherine Davidson, Lead Portfolio Manager, Global
                      Sustainable Growth

Lockdowns may be lifting, but the chronic crises facing society are not something we can vaccinate against. Issues such as climate change, inequality and workers’ rights – and the policy responses to them - are reshaping economies and industries. There will be permanent changes to how value is created and destroyed, meaning that some companies that have been successful in the past will not be in the future, and new champions will emerge. In this environment, it more important than ever to take an active and thoughtful approach to investing, with a deep integration of sustainability considerations rather than simple box-ticking. Katherine Davidson will discuss our proprietary approach for assessing the durability of a company’s earnings and identifying high quality businesses that can survive and thrive in changing times.

11:20am      Maria Prieto, Senior Investment Director and Head of
                      Sustainability for Private Equity

In Private Equity there’s a world of opportunity outside the US. In areas like Europe, there are a vast number of direct and co-investment-led ventures to potentially be capitalized on. Maria Prieto offers her views on this complementary universe and explains why we believe Europe PE is ahead of the US in more ways than just time zones.

11:40am      Johanna Kyrklund, Group Chief Investment Officer &
                     Global Head of Multi-Asset

The world is fundamentally changing and the increasing pace of shifting trends and disruption means investors are facing new challenges. One of the most significant among them is that with low rates here to stay and equity returns looking more challenging, investors will need to revisit how they build portfolios to meet their investment targets. The global pandemic has not so much changed the landscape as accelerated the disruptive forces already in play. Johanna Kyrklund examines how a multi-faceted approach to building diversified portfolios to manage risk can be balanced with the need to concentrate portfolios in high conviction investments that will benefit from disruptive change.

12:00pm      Closing remarks

Please note not all products are available in all jurisdictions. Agenda subject to change.
Note: The agenda is subject to change. This virtual conference is open by invitation only and is non-transferable.

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Event 1 Replay

Event 2 Replay

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