Schroders Artemis Conference Series 2021

Event 1: April 21, 2021

Event 2: May 27, 2021

As a global asset manager that prides itself on diversity of thought and excellence in investment stewardship, we acknowledge the importance of delivering more than performance net of fees. That is why we are launching our Artemis Conference series: a new interactive forum showcasing several of our investment experts who will offer their unique, high conviction, insights on a variety of themes and investment perspectives that clients like you are trying to solve for. We are delighted to invite you to our series events.

Our first event, #TheZero and fixed income – Destination unknown or Don’t stop believin’? on April 21, 2021 featured US fixed income, securitized credit and green and social bonds. Click here to access the event replay.

Our second event, The hunt for rare alpha; sourcing unique ideas from the bottom up on May 27, 2021 focused on global sustainable growth, Europe private equity and multi-asset alpha. Click here to access the event replay.


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