Private Asset Solutions

A portfolio-based approach

Generate alternative sources of return

The asset management sector is seeing growing demand from investors wanting to introduce or expand their private asset investment programmes. Given the low-yield environment and an uncertain market outlook, investors are seeking new opportunities that go beyond traditional asset classes and provide different sources of return.

However, building out a private asset investment programme has its challenges. Implementing this type of portfolio requires a significant amount of expertise, resources and specialised tools and systems.

At Schroders, our Private Asset Solutions team offers you access to a private assets investment strategy that is fully customisable to your requirements.

A holistic approach to building a private asset portfolio

We design our solutions to suit our clients’ unique needs. Institutions such as pension funds, insurance companies and wealth managers all have varying objectives and risk appetites, and will therefore target a different mix of private assets in their portfolio.

Given that the private assets universe spans numerous opportunities and sectors, investors can target a multitude of outcomes. However, in our experience, the most common core objectives for a private asset programme is to find the right combination of income, diversification, and/or enhancing returns.

At Schroders, we can help to seamlessly manage the integration of private assets into your investment portfolio.

We offer:

  • Strategy design
  • Day-to-day management
  • New investment allocations
  • Building on existing allocations

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