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The strength of the team is underpinned and sustained by the culture of the firm that encourages vision, constructive challenge and unconditional collaboration; ongoing investment in people, processes and infrastructure, that future-proofs the business; and the leadership, energy and focus that is demonstrated at all levels across the firm.


Katherine Davidson


Portfolio Manager

Katherine joined Schroders as a graduate on the Global and International Equities team in 2008. Katherine is lead portfolio manager for the team’s Global Sustainable Growth fund that evolved from the Global Demographic Opportunities strategy launched in 2010. Katherine was instrumental in the conception, launch and management of both strategies. She also has global sector responsibility for the autos and telecoms sectors as one of the team’s Global Sector Specialists. Katherine is a CFA Charterholder

What is a sustainable switch you've recently made in your personal life?

I enjoy sewing and as an impoverished student used to make my own clothes. But in recent years, the time/money balance in my life has favoured online shopping rather than slaving over a hot sewing machine. Last year the Sustainability Team did a lot of work on the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry, which generates a horrifying amount of carbon emissions and waste. This prompted me to dust off my scissors – I took short courses in pattern cutting and tailoring to refresh my skills, and embarked on an overhaul of my wardrobe. Ill-fitting items have been adjusted; dated styles redesigned or harvested for fabric for a new creation. It’s great to have a creative outlet after a long day in front of the screens, and is incredibly satisfying – nothing beats being able to say ‘This dress? Oh, I knocked it up over the weekend!’ During the coronavirus crisis, I have also been turning out fun face masks for friends and family, using offcuts of fabric and even old (clean!) clothes dropped off by friends now charity shops are shut. It’s been a nice way to show people I am thinking of them, and has hopefully generated some positive externalities for public health! 



Charles Somers


Portfolio Manager

Charles is a Portfolio Manager for the Global Alpha Plus strategy, Global Sustainable Growth strategy, and number of specialist institutional global equity portfolios. He also has global sector responsibility for consumer staples as one of the team’s Global Sector Specialists. Charles initially joined Schroders in 1998 as a research analyst on the US desk in London. In 2001 he was seconded to Schroders' New York office, where he covered healthcare and financial stocks. He returned to London in 2002 to join the Pan European research team, taking responsibility for the consumer staples sector. In 2006 Charles left Schroders to take a position as a portfolio manager at Intrinsic Value Investors, a long-only fund management company focused on European equities. He returned to Schroders in 2008 to take the position of Global Sector Specialist for consumer discretionary and consumer staples. Charles is a CFA Charterholder.

What is a sustainable switch you've recently made in your personal life?

My 12 year old daughter insisted that the family stop using bottled water. This is indicative of how younger generations are driving the sustainability agenda!


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