Schroders’ Assessment of Value Reports

Fund managers, such as Schroders, are now required by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to complete an Assessment of Value Report annually for each UK-domiciled retail and institutional investment fund that they manage.

The Assessment of Value Report gives investors detailed information on a range of areas that relate to the value provided by an investment fund. This can help you to assess the value that an investment fund provides and to decide whether it remains suitable for your needs.

Our first Assessment of Value report covering 86 funds was published in April 2020 using data as at 31 December 2019. This report is aimed at investors in Schroders’ UK-domiciled retail and institutional investment funds.

In October 2020 we published our second Assessment of Value report, covering eight funds using data as at 30 June 2020. This report is aimed at individuals who invest in our UK-domiciled wealth management funds, or their advisers.


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2020 has been an unprecedented year for the markets as well as both socially and economically. The disruption caused by the spread of Covid-19 means the year has been challenging for all of us. You can find all of our latest insights on the crisis and its impact on investors here.

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Individual Assessment of Value Reports 31 December 2019

Schroder Absolute Return Bond Fund
Schroder Advanced Beta Global Corporate Bond Fund
Schroder Advanced Beta Global Equity Small and Mid Cap Fund
Schroder Advanced Beta Global Equity Value Fund
Schroder Advanced Beta Global Sovereign Bond Fund
Schroder Advanced Beta UK Equity Fund
Schroder All Maturities Corporate Bond Fund
Schroder All Maturities Index Linked Bond Fund
Schroder Asian Alpha Plus Fund
Schroder Asian Income Fund
Schroder Asian Income Maximiser
Schroder Core UK Equity Fund
Schroder Diversified Growth Fund
Schroder Dynamic Multi Asset Fund
Schroder Dynamic Planner Portfolio 3
Schroder Dynamic Planner Portfolio 4
Schroder Dynamic Planner Portfolio 5
Schroder Dynamic Planner Portfolio 6
Schroder Dynamic Planner Portfolio 7
Schroder European Alpha Income Fund
Schroder European Alpha Plus Fund
Schroder European Equity Absolute Return Fund
Schroder European Fund
Schroder European Recovery Fund
Schroder European Smaller Companies Fund
Schroder Flexible Retirement Fund
Schroder Fusion Managed Defensive Fund
Schroder Fusion Portfolio 3
Schroder Fusion Portfolio 4
Schroder Fusion Portfolio 5
Schroder Fusion Portfolio 6
Schroder Fusion Portfolio 7
Schroder Gilt & Fixed Interest Fund
Schroder Global Cities Real Estate
Schroder Global Cities Real Estate Income
Schroder Global Diversified Income Fund
Schroder Global Emerging Markets Fund
Schroder Global Equity Fund
Schroder Global Equity Income Fund
Schroder Global Healthcare Fund
Schroder Global Multi-Factor Equity Fund
Schroder Global Recovery Fund
Schroder High Yield Opportunities Fund
Schroder Income Fund
Schroder Income Maximiser
Schroder India Equity Fund
Schroder Institutional Pacific Fund
Schroder Institutional UK Smaller Companies Fund
Schroder Long Dated Corporate Bond Fund
Schroder Managed Balanced Fund
Schroder MM Diversity Balanced Fund
Schroder MM Diversity Fund
Schroder MM Diversity Income Fund
Schroder MM Diversity Tactical Fund
Schroder MM International Fund
Schroder MM UK Growth Fund
Schroder Monthly Income Fund
Schroder Moorgate I Fund
Schroder Multi-Asset Total Return Fund
Schroder Prime UK Equity Fund
Schroder QEP Global Active Value Fund
Schroder QEP Global Core Fund
Schroder QEP Global Emerging Markets Fund
Schroder QEP US Core Fund
Schroder Recovery Fund
Schroder Responsible Value UK Equity Fund
Schroder Small Cap Discovery Fund
Schroder Sterling Broad Market Bond Fund
Schroder Sterling Corporate Bond Fund
Schroder Strategic Bond Fund
Schroder Strategic Credit Fund
Schroder Sustainable Multi-Factor Equity Fund
Schroder Tokyo Fund
Schroder UK Alpha Income Fund
Schroder UK Alpha Plus Fund
Schroder UK Dynamic Absolute Return Fund
Schroder UK Dynamic Smaller Companies Fund
Schroder UK Equity Fund
Schroder UK Mid 250 Fund
Schroder UK Opportunities Fund
Schroder UK Smaller Companies Fund
Schroder US Equity Income Maximiser
Schroder US Mid Cap Fund
Schroder US Smaller Companies Fund

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