Soundbite 1: Experiences of lockdown and the effects on businesses going forward

How have advisers managed through the pandemic and will it lead to a re-evaluation of the way they will operate going forward?

Schroders are delighted to introduce the first of a three part ‘soundbite series’ where some advisers share their experiences and thoughts about the future.

Listen to episode 1 and spot the ‘10 learns’ but also listen out for how one adviser knows when she has really managed to get her client to open up about their objectives…. 

10 key learns from ‘Soundbite 1’

Video calls with clients:

  1. Use the client’s preferred method of video software as this can put them at their ease – and often the old fashioned telephone call can work just as well.
  2. Video calls can be a less invasive experience for the client than visiting their home. It might just be a more positive experience than previous meetings and a more efficient use of their time and yours.
  3. Video calls can be a great way to engage a spouse or the wider family in the financial planning conversation.
  4. Listening skills are really important is it’s more difficult to ‘read a client’ than in a face to face meeting.
  5. Hard facts are easy to get on a video call but soft facts can be more of a challenge!

Challenges of working from home:

  1. Ensuring that productivity doesn’t suffer relies on the right environment being in place – does everyone in your business have this?
  2. Over time, collaborative learning and shared experiences of working in the office are being missed, how can this be addressed?

Growth opportunities?

  1. Some advisers believe they can now provide advice in a more streamlined and cost effective way.
  2. Technology help advisers to cast a wider net and focus on the under served part of the market.
  3. A hybrid model of face to face and video calls could be a good balance and benefit all parties


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