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“Graduates are at the heart of our Company. With an innovative mindset and great agility, graduates play an important part in how we shape the future of our business. We need more of these young talents to take up the exciting challenges at Schroders and capture the opportunity to make a real impact on our business.”

Susan Soh
Co-Head of Asia Pacific

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Asset management is our only business and our goals are completely aligned with those of our clients – the creation of long-term value to assist them in meeting their future financial requirements. We have responsibility for £700.4 (€815.8bn/$967.5bn) on behalf of institutional and retail investors, financial institutions and high net worth clients from around the world, invested across equities, fixed income, multi-asset, private assets and alternatives.

 Data as at 30 June 2021, unless otherwise stated

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity of thought is critical to success in modern business. At Schroders we are going a step beyond simply saying that it is important.

Peter Harrison
Group Chief Executive

Society has been bound by preconceived ideas about what people can and can’t do for far too long. Factors such as gender, social backgrounds, ethnicity and ‘who you know’ have had a greater impact on the professional world than most are ready to admit. 

These stereotypes within our business and corporate world need to change. Here at Schroders, we are actively working to improve diversity and inclusion through inclusive policies and training, setting clear targets and championing working practices which allow for inclusion, like informal flexible working that help employees manage their own work/life balance. 

Schroders is committed to creating an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive. We have 13 global Employee Resource Groups (ERG) that focus efforts across a range of areas including gender, LGBT+, religion, ethnicity, mental health and disabilities and impairment. 

The Millennials@Work ERG was set up with the intention to empower millennials and promote inclusivity across all age groups. We strongly believe in fostering a more inclusive environment where multi-generational employees can thrive in, while learning and leveraging on each other’s strengths.

One of our milestone events was the inception of Mentoring @ Work in Singapore – a valuable opportunity for junior employees to be mentored by our senior management. The success of this event goes beyond the guidance provided by the mentors, but also the insights which both sides gathered with regards to working and growing in a multi-generational workforce. Both our Hong Kong and Japan offices have followed suit and started their own Reverse Mentoring Program, where junior employees take on the role of “mentors” to share thoughts and ideas from their perspectives with the senior management.

During the COVID-19 situation, the ERG also took the initiative to share with our employees various useful mobile applications which people can tap on to exercise, relax or simply to unwind with their family members.

We seek to encourage and empower millennials to be agents of change within Schroders, to make a difference in building a friendly work environment focused on inclusivity and diversity. We hope that you can join us on this journey too!

Our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in Asia Pacific have been recognised by a number of awards. We recently bagged the Gold award for Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion at the HR Excellence Awards 2019 in Singapore.

HR Excellence Awards 2019 Singapore


Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion - Gold

Excellence in Leadership Development - Bronze

HR Leader of the Year - Daniel Tam

HR Distinction Awards 2019 Hong Kong


Excellence in Global and Local HR Strategies - Silver

Excellence in Learning & Development - Bronze

HR Excellence Awards 2020 Singapore


Employer of the Year - Gold

Excellence in Learning & Development - Bronze

Here at Schroders, we live and breathe Diversity and Inclusion throughout the organisation. That, is what sets us apart.

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