Schroder ISF QEP Global Emerging Markets

Emerging markets
Schroder ISF QEP Global Emerging Markets applies a proven approach, refined over 10 years, to target diversified opportunities across over 4,000 companies in over 20 dynamic emerging economies.
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Schroder ISF QEP Global Emerging Markets

Key fund facts


Forward-looking approach

enabling us to look beyond the benchmark to try to capitalise upon the best opportunities.

Highly diversified

fund investing in more than 300 stocks selected from a 4,000 stock opportunity set.

Return drivers

our strategy combines two key drivers of long-run equity returns - value and business quality.

Meet the managers

Established in 1996, Schroders' QEP Investment Team, led by Justin Abercrombie, has built a strong track record across its innovative range of equity strategies.

Justin Abercrombie David Philpotts Stephen Langford

Justin Abercrombie, David Philpotts, Stuart Adrian,  Stephen Langford.

With 28 experienced members of staff located in London, New York and Sydney, the team now manages in excess of €32.4 billion* for clients, including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and insurance companies, all over the world.

*Source: Schroders as at March 31 2018.

Investing in the fund


Accessing a vast opportunity set: we look beyond the benchmark and analyse over 4,000 emerging market stocks, across more than 20 countries.


Exceptionally well-diversified portfolio: exposure to over 300 stocks lowers stock-specific risk whilst having exposure to a range of opportunities.


Highly experienced investment team: investing for clients since 2000 with a proven performance track record across our innovative range of equity strategies.


An all-cap approach: seeking opportunities in companies of all sizes.


A strong track record: a heritage of generating value in emerging markets.

May be suitable for investors:

Aiming for capital growth and willing to invest in a higher risk fund

Willing to accept possible short-term losses for the benefit of potential long term gains and looking for exposure to potential growth in Asian markets

Who have a medium to long-term investment horizon of 3-5 years.

May not be suitable for investors:

Seeking a lower risk fund and not prepared to have their capital at risk

With a short-term investment horizon and unwilling to tolerate short-term volatility

Uncomfortable with the level of risk associated with equity-based investment and with the value of their investment being impacted by fluctuations in exchange rates.

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