Schroder GAIA II

Fund in focus

Schroder GAIA II Specialist Private Equity

A semi-liquid private equity fund building on Schroder Adveq’s 20 years of investment experience with a global focus on small- to medium-sized enterprises and growth companies.

Key features

Specialist private equity strategy

  • 100% private equity
  • Global focus aligned with long term Megatrends
  • Differentiated to other semi-liquid private equity funds with a focus on "small-" to "medium-sized" enterprises (SME) and growth companies

Semi-liquid evergreen private equity

  • Compounding benefits; distributions are reinvested
  • Structured to provide fund liquidity without compromising returns

Increased access and flexibility

  • SICAV part II accessible to High-net-worth individual (HNWI), professional and qualified investors
  • Flexibility on holding period and rebalancing options
  • Single subscription for regular investors or bespoke investment terms for cornerstone institutional investors

What are the risks?

  • Private equity investments typically display uncertainties which do not exist to the same extent in other investments (e.g. listed securities). Private equity investments may be in entities which have only existed for a short time, which have little business experience, whose products do not have an established market, or which are faced with restructuring etc. Any forecast of future growth in value may therefore often be encumbered with greater uncertainties than is the case with many other investments.
  • The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amounts originally invested.
  • Market risk is the risk of investment losses due to negative effects of the capital markets on the overall performance of the fund.
  • The fund will have an investor commitment/draw-down funding model which exposes the investment vehicle to the credit risk of its investors. If an investor fails to comply with a drawdown notice, the investment vehicle may be unable to pay its obligations when due.
  • Given the illiquid nature of private equity investments, investing in private equity are subject to asset liquidity risk. This liquidity risk is a result of the likelihood that a loss from current net asset value would be realised if an asset in the fund needed to be sold quickly in the secondary market to meet the obligations of the fund.
  • Investments in companies or instruments which are denominated in currencies other than the fund’s respective currency expose the fund to the risk of losses in case foreign currencies depreciate.
  • Operational risks are risks of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems, or from external events conducted by Schroder Adveq and the managers the fund will invest alongside.
  • It may be difficult to find appropriate pricing references in respect of unlisted investments. This difficulty may have an impact on the valuation of the portfolio of investments of a Sub-Fund. Certain investments are valued on the basis of estimated prices and therefore subject to potentially greater pricing uncertainties than listed securities.
  • Investment objectives express an intended result but there is no guarantee that such a result will be achieved. Depending on market conditions and the macro economic environment, investment objectives may become more difficult to achieve.
  • Emerging markets, and especially frontier markets, generally carry greater political, legal, counterparty and operational risk.