Schroder GAIA

Schroder GAIA  Action Effective Date Notes
Schroder GAIA
Changes to Investment Objectives and Policies 17/08/2020 Shareholder letter
Indus Pacific
Liquidation of the Fund Effective 24/06/2019 Shareholder letter
Multiple Funds Changes to Investment Objectives and Policies of certain funds:
As of 12 November 2018 we have updated the Investment Objectives and Policies of the following funds:
- Schroder GAIA BlueTrend
- Schroder GAIA Egerton Equity
- Schroder GAIA Indus PacifiChoice
- Schroder GAIA Sirios US Equity
- Schroder GAIA Two Sigma Diversified
This is part of the Company’s continual review of all fund documentation to ensure that it reflects current best practice in the market. There have been no changes to the way in which the funds are managed as a result of these updates.
Egerton Equity New Sub-Investment Manager for GAIA Egerton Equity:
Egerton Capital (US), LP has been appointed as a Sub-Investment Manager for Schroder GAIA Egerton Equity as of 12 November 2018.
Paulson Merger Arbitrage Liquidation 06/04/2018 Shareholder letter
Conatus Equity Liquidation 13/10/2017 Shareholder letter
NGA Turnaround Change of investment policy 02/10/2017 Shareholder letter
BSP Credit Liquidation 15/09/2017 Shareholder letter
Indus PacifiChoice Change to the fund's investment policy. 01/09/2017 Shareholder letter
Two Sigma Diversified The fund has been hard closed to subscriptions and switches in. 17/02/2017 Shareholder letter
Cat Bond The fund has been hard closed to subscriptions and switches in. 28/02/2017 Shareholder letter
Sirios US Equity The dealing cut-off time will move from one day preceding a dealing day to on the dealing day 31/01/2017 Shareholder letter
KKR Credit Liquidation 16/08/2016 Shareholder letter
Global Macro Bond Liquidation of the Fund. 20/01/2016 Shareholder letter
KKR Credit Avoca Capital Management LLP was acquired by KKR & Co L.P. (“KKR”) on 19 February 2014 and has been renamed KKR Credit Advisors (UK) LLP on 30 September 2014. As a result of the acquisition, the name of the Fund has been changed to Schroder GAIA KKR Credit on19 February 2015. 19/02/2015  
QEP Global Absolute Investment objective change to remove the aim of providing income. Investment policy change to increase the maximum level of synthetic long and short positions from 100% to 200% of the fund's Net Asset Value 03/09/2012  
Sloane Robinson Fund closed 08/08/2012  
All Funds Introduction of Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) and Supplementary Information Documents replacing Simplified Prospectuses and Fund Information pages 14/05/2012  
Egerton European Equity Fund name change to Egerton Equity & investment objective/policy change 01/02/2012  
Opus Multi Strategy Fund closed 31/01/2012  
Egerton European Equity Benchmark changed from FTSE World Series Europe Total Return to MSCI Europe Total Return Net (Local currencies) 31/08/2010  


Change to the Fund's Investment Policy