Risk Management & Compliance


Pre-Risk MangementRisk MangementPost-Risk Mangement

Portfolio Risk Management

Monitor risk indicators to ensure that risk management framework of each fund is adequate and effective against changes in the markets / investment strategies (Risk Profiling).

SKL Investment Team manages investment risks including expected tracking error, portfolio beta and variance against BM etc. through BIGS1 and PRISM2 by taking a diversified approach.

Operational Risk Management

Potential risk factors of each department are captured in Group Risk Management System (Archer) for which regular assurances are provided.

Trading Risk Management

Monitor transaction of each fund and compliance with regulations / guidelines through AITAS (fund administration system) and aiTrader (trading system) daily.









Performance Analysis

The performance and investment risks are analyzed and managed by adopting a diversified approach through BIGS1 for local funds and PRISM2 for overseas funds.

Actions taken in Occurrence of Risk

Enter details in Archer, track issues to ensure that they are resolved as agreed and report the progress to the Management / Group.





1. BIGS: Best Investment Global System
2. PRISM: Portfolio Risk and Investment Strategy Manager