Brand evolution

As a business that’s been innovating for more than two centuries,  we continue to adapt and evolve to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.  In this tradition, we are pleased to present our newly refreshed brand identity.  

In many ways our latest brand evolution is all about continuity. Much has happened since we last updated our brand – economies, societies and governments have all seen great change. Businesses have become increasingly complex and altered many of the ways that they work. And as individuals we’ve all grown used to new ways of communicating with each other and keeping in touch with world events. Inevitably, the way Schroders works has developed too – but the fundamental way that we see the world – our lens - remains unchanged. Our constant client-focus, our innovative, specialist teams, and powerful investment tools and strategies continue to be important parts of our identity. 

Our logo and the design, imagery and words we use to communicate have all been recast. Sharper, quicker, clearer – they have evolved to better suit the world we do business in. But our story remains unchanged, and our focus on you, our clients, endures.  Still the same strong values and pride in our heritage. Still trusted. Still connected. Still Schroders