Your Investment Strategies

Strategies for a More Rewarding Retirement

The working life strategies below is an example for your reference and illustrative purposes only. You could follow or adapt these investment strategies according to your changing investment needs as you near retirement.

Time Scale Investment Goal Investment Strategy Investor Profile Asset Class
Many years from retirement
e.g. over 10 years
Build the highest capital growth potential in the longer term Aggressive or growth You are willing to take high levels of risk and short-term market fluctuation. Equities
Mid-way to retirement
e.g. 6-10 years
Build capital growth above inflation and aim at less risky funds for steady income Balanced or conservative You wish to increase your long-term capital gain while pursuing a more stable income A balance of equities, bonds and short-term instruments
When you are close to retirement
e.g. 5-8 years or less
Protect your savings against any short-term falls in value just before you retire, and preserve your capital. Conservative You are risk-averse, you may wish to consider investing cautiously. Money market funds


Asset Allocation Strategies

Your asset allocation strategies can be adjusted accordingly as you approach retirement. For example, if there are 10 or more years to your retirement, you may consider allocating the majority of your assets to equities. Conversely, when there are only 8 years or less left before your retirement, you may consider allocating the majority of your assets to bond funds or money market funds to protect your retirement savings against any short-term falls in value.

  Years to Your Retirement
Basic Asset Class 15+ yrs 15 yrs or below 10 yrs or less 6 yrs 3 yrs or less
Equities 80-100% 70% 50% 10% 0%
Bonds 0-20% 30% 50% 70% 75%
Cash 0% 0% 0% 20% 25%