Funds in Focus

Marketing material for professional investors or advisers only

Schroders’ funds in focus highlights key funds that aim to take advantage of current market opportunities to maximise returns across alternatives, equities, fixed income and multi-asset. 

What are Alternatives?

Schroders’ alternative investments provide sophisticated investors with specialised solutions to meet their investment needs. 


Schroder GAIA Cat Bond: The Fund aims to provide capital growth and income by investing in securities that are related to insurance risks (known as insurance-linked securities), mainly in catastrophe or “cat” bonds.’ 

Schroder GAIA Helix: The Fund is a multi-strategy hedge fund that seeks to deliver an optimal blend of Schroders' alpha. This market neutral fund aims to deliver robust returns, with low correlation to equity markets and a focus on alpha generation.

Schroder GAIA Wellington Pagosa is a multi-strategy fund that invests in long/short equity, absolute return fixed income, and market neutral strategies. The fund seeks to generate consistent, positive returns across market cycles while managing market risk exposure and minimising drawdowns. 

Schroder ISF Emerging Markets Debt Absolute Return: The Fund invests in local and external bonds as well as the currencies of some of the world’s most dynamic and fastest-growing countries. The fund is actively managed and aims to achieve positive returns in any 12-month period whilst also maximising returns.


Schroders’ equity funds offer investors the opportunity to invest in equity markets around the world with a range of products to match most risk profiles. 

Schroder ISF Asian Opportunities is an unconstrained, actively managed equity fund that aims to provide capital growth, primarily through investment in equity securities of Asian (ex Japan) companies.

Schroder ISF EURO Equity invests primarily in the equity securities of countries in the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). The fund aims to identify mis-priced opportunities through extensive research and analysis, adopting a flexible approach for a range of market environments.

Schroder ISF European Special Situations is a diversified European equity portfolio of both growth and value assets. The managers take a pragmatic and contrarian approach, focusing on opportunities that have been mispriced by the market. 

Fixed Income employs fundamental and quantitative approaches and is based on research-intensive, globally-integrated credit and macro capabilities.

Schroder ISF EURO Corporate Bond invests primarily in investment grade corporate bonds across Europe. The fund aims to achieve consistent outperformance across all market environments by adopting a themes-based investment approach combined with forward looking credit research.

Schroder ISF EURO Government Bond aims to provide income and capital growth by investing in bonds issued by Eurozone governments.

Schroder ISF Global Credit Income aims to provide investors with repeatable income by investing flexibly and dynamically across global credit markets. The Fund also focuses on managing overall drawdown risk relative to the broader global credit market.

Multi-asset offers a comprehensive range of customised solutions, pooled products and advisory services. We specialise in providing a consultative, solutions-based approach for clients. 

Schroder ISF Emerging Multi-Asset Income is designed to meet the needs of clients who want to access emerging markets (EM), and also generate income. We use a flexible, multiasset approach to identify the best investment opportunities across the EM universe.

Schroder ISF Global Multi-Asset Balanced aims to provide capital growth and income in excess of 3 month Euribor +3% per annum (gross of fees) over a market cycle by investing in a diversified range of assets and markets worldwide. 

Schroder ISF Global Multi-Asset Income is designed to help investors generate a regular income stream by investing across a range of asset classes. We aim to provide an attractive and sustainable income without an increased exposure to risk.

Schroder ISF Global Target Return: The fund aims to provide capital growth and income of USD 3 month LIBOR +5% per annum (gross of fees) over rolling three year periods by investing in a broad range of asset classes worldwide.