Funds in focus

Schroders’ funds in focus highlights key funds that aim to take advantage of current market opportunities to maximise returns.

Schroder ISF China A

Why to invest?

  • Large, on-the-ground team of experienced investment professionals covering the China market
  • A time-tested, disciplined process focusing on quality, valuation and sustainability
  • China capabilities have proven track record of consistent outperformance over the medium/long term
  • Unconstrained, high conviction approach with strong risk management

Schroder GAIA Helix

Why to invest?

  • Single point of access to ‘the best of Schroders’: harnesses the skill of our established and proven global investment talent to drive returns
  • Attractive market neutral returns through the cycle: aims to deliver robust returns, that are not dependant on the direction of equity or bond markets.
  • Diversified approach to help navigate uncertainty: combining downside protection and upside participation without dependence on a single source of alpha

Schroder ISF Global Energy Transition

Why to invest?

  • The energy transition investment opportunity is massive. Over USD 100 trillion of investment in the energy transition is required by 2050, creating strong real earnings growth opportunities
  • Focused thematic approach and disciplined investment process leveraging an established process and an unconstrained thematic approach to find the best companies across evolving value chains
  • Exposure to the entire Energy value chain: The energy transition will impact the whole supply chain so we don’t limit the opportunity set solely to the energy producers. We are 100% free of fossil fuel and nuclear energy.
  • Long-term, sustainable growth: We apply a proven investment process to build a high-conviction fund of between 30-50 companies, diversified by geography and sector, aiming to deliver long-term, sustainable growth

Schroder ISF Global Credit Income

Why to invest?

  • Back to trend growth, but uncertainties remain: A move back to trend growth should be positive for credit, but uncertainties remain which requires a flexible approach.
  • Credit can provide income: Income levels have declined, but an active approach to selection can lead to more attractive outcomes. Additionally, HY and EMD look attractive in 2021.
  • Dispersion in credit markets remains: Investors need to look beyond index level yields to source more attractive opportunities. The dispersion amongst individual issuers creates attractive opportunities for bottom up focused active managers.
  • Drawdown risk remains: Investors need to focus on both income potential as well as drawdown risks for potential investments in the current environment.

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