Schroder Strategic Growth Fund

The Schroder Strategic Growth Fund is a multi-asset portfolio investing in a selection of Growth (typically shares and property securities), Diversifying (typically higher yielding debt and alternatives) and Defensive (typically investment grade debt securities and cash) assets, with the investment objective to target a return above Australian inflation (before fees) over the medium to long term.

The Schroder Strategic Growth Fund is an investment strategy which adopts a traditional multi-asset investment approach. The strategic asset allocation is formulated with Schroders’ proprietary medium term asset class return projections and risk expectations. Investment allocations are adjusted for shorter term considerations to derive the most suitable tactical asset allocation to add value and manage risk. This is complemented further by active security selection within asset classes to generate excess return relative to the benchmark indices.

A multi-faceted risk management framework is incorporated in the decision making process to manage volatility and mitigate inherent downside risks within the Fund. The resulting portfolio is diversified across a broad array of assets and securities, with strong emphasis on delivering the objectives with an acceptable level of risk.

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